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Teachers prepare for more strikes from March 27th

Photo by PAULO NOVAIS/LUSA - Teachers prepare for more strikes from March 27th.The platform that brings together nine unions of education professionals today announced strikes starting on the 27th March for “all extraordinary services”, final assessments, strikes by district and a “great concentration” for June 6th.

At a press conference in Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto district, the secretary general of the National Federation of Teachers (Fenprof), Mário Nogueira, guaranteed that teachers “will not be silenced” and that they presented a proposal to “force the Ministry of Education” to be negotiated, already thinking about 2024.

Mário Nogueira also announced that the teachers will make requests for meetings with all political parties, who will present a complaint to the European Commission against the “limitations imposed on the right to strike” and another complaint to the International Labor Organization (ILO), regarding other forms of struggle.

“There will be no lack of fighting actions so that we can pressure the Government to solve problems that are massacring a profession in which there are fewer and fewer people”, explained Mário Nogueira.

Source https://www.lusa.pt/


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