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iPhone 12 sales suspended due to concerns about radiation levels

IPHONE 12 SALES SUSPENDED DUE TO CONCERNS ABOUT RADIATION LEVELSDue to concerns about radiation levels exceeding permitted limits, the French government has taken the decision to suspend sales of Apple 's iPhone 12 in the country.

The measure was announced by France's Digital Economy Minister, Jean-Noel Barrot, after the country's radiation watchdog, ANFR, notified Apple about this issue.

Tests carried out by ANFR revealed that the specific absorption rate (SAR) of the iPhone 12 was slightly above the legal limits established in France, which led to the model's sales being frozen in the country. However, the French government believes that the solution to this problem could be relatively simple.

This decision not only affects sales in France, but could also have repercussions throughout the European Union, as SAR safety limits are harmonized among member states. ANFR intends to share its findings with regulators in other EU countries, which could result in similar measures in other markets .

In statements made to the French newspaper Le Parisien, Jean-Noel Barrot expressed the hope that Apple can resolve the issue through a software update that reduces the levels of radiation emitted by the iPhone 12.

Apple now has two weeks to submit a response and, if it fails to do so, the French government could order the withdrawal of all iPhone 12 devices in circulation in France.

For Apple, this suspension of iPhone 12 sales in France represents a significant challenge, as the French market is one of the largest in Europe.

This situation highlights the importance of compliance with security regulations in all markets in which companies operate, and serves as a reminder that mobile technology must meet the rigorous security standards set by regulatory authorities.

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