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Algarve: Temperatures set to soar over the next few days

ALGARVE: TEMPERATURES SET TO SOAR OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYSAccording to IPMA, the hot weather in the Algarve is expected to persist at least until Tuesday, with temperatures potentially soaring to 35 degrees, or just over.

From today onwards, the weather on the continent will be influenced by an “intense anticyclonic ridge located over Western Europe, associated with the transport of a mass of hot and dry air, originating in North Africa”, say the IPMA.  This will cause temperatures to rise to around 5 to 8 degrees above average September temperatures.

Minimum temperatures will also rise, with 20 degrees or more overnight in some places, especially on the coast of the Algarve region.

According to the latest updates from the ECMWF meteorological model, the one used by Meteored experts, the start of October will be very hot and dry, but by October 8th temperatures will tend to gradually normalise.

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