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Quarteira: Teenager hospitalised after being attacked inside school

QUARTEIRA: TEENAGER HOSPITALISED AFTER BEING ATTACKED INSIDE SCHOOLA teenager, aged under 16, was hospitalised at Faro Hospital at the end of last week after being the victim of attacks by another student, inside theEscola Secundária Dr.ª Laura Ayres, in Quarteira.

The young man, who only started this school this year, was treated in hospital due to the injuries he suffered. The attacks, which took place on Thursday morning, were filmed by several other students who were watching.

The students father explains that his son, who “only started attending this school this year, was called by an older classmate, who said he wanted to talk to him. And that was a kind of trap. They caught him there, one of his colleagues started talking to him and the other one came up from behind and attacked him.” As the victim's father told Portuguese newpaper, Correio da Manhã, there must have been premeditation with several accomplices: “It was all planned, for sure. The other colleagues who were there, started recording before it even happened. They were already prepared.”

The GNR were called to the school, and  “the school management is aware of the case. Witnesses have already been called to be heard as part of disciplinary proceedings.”



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