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Thousands of Flixbus tickets to and from the Algarve from 99 cents

THOUSANDS OF FLIXBUS TICKETS TO AND FROM THE ALGARVE FROM 99 CENTSAutumn brings new routes and cities on the Flixbus domestic network in Portugal, and to celebrate there are thousands of tickets starting at just €0.99.

There are three new lines that the German mobility operator launches this month with a promotional campaign running until October 25th, for trips to be made between October 30th and November 26th, with tickets priced from €0.99 to €2.99.

The trip from Portimão to Porto, or from Faro Airport to Lisbon costs just €0.99, the same price to return.

Departing from Lisbon to Albufeira, Lagos, Portimão, Porto, Coimbra and Faro there are trips for €2.99 and you can return for the same price.

Chaves, Penafiel and Mirandela are the three new cities in the North to receive FlixBus' green buses, which now have several daily connections to Porto and Porto airport. FlixBus will be offering a new connection between Guimarães and Viseu starting this month, which will connect these cities to Porto and Porto airport, passing through Aveiro.

From Oct 23rd, the operation in Coimbra, Leiria and Fátima will be reinforced with a new line destined for Sintra and Cascais. Tickets are now on sale.

Tickets are already available on the website, in the app, and at physical points of sale.

Transporting passengers on long-distance buses is an increasingly popular alternative to travelling by private car, not only because they are comfortable and sustainable, but also because a bus trip can cost up to ten times less than a car trip, taking practically the same time. It is currently one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly modes of transport.

Operating in Portugal since 2017, FlixBus brought a new way of travelling to the Portuguese market, more comfortable, economical and sustainable. The green buses that operate FlixBus lines are new, more comfortable, and with extra leg room. They have free WiFi access and an on-board entertainment service, and all buses are equipped with sockets for PCs, cell phones and tablets. The buses also comply with the Euro VI standard, the most demanding in Europe in terms of CO2 emissions, and are also the most efficient and sustainable on the market.

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