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Portuguese bettor wins the EuroMillions

PORTUGUESE BETTOR WINS THE EUROMILLIONSThe EuroMillions first prize, valued at around 67 million euros, went to a Portuguese bettor this Tuesday, in the Porto district, only the second EuroMillions first prize to be won in Portugal since the game was launched in 2004.

News that quickly spread and left many betting enthusiasts dreaming of the possibility of becoming millionaires. But how much does the State retain from this millionaire prize and how are the prizes paid?

According to information provided by the Santa Casa Games, prizes exceeding 5,000 euros are subject to Stamp Tax, at a rate of 20%, in accordance with current legislation.

In the case of this prize of more than 67 million euros, it means that the State will be able to collect at least 13.4 million euros through the tax.

How premiums are paid is also an important issue. For prizes equal to or less than €150, players can receive them where they purchased their ticket or at the Santa Casa Gaming Department's offices.

Prizes greater than €150 and less than €2,000 are paid by bank transfer at intermediaries or at the Gaming Department's facilities. Prizes equal to or greater than €2,000 and less than €5,000 are paid by bank transfer after identification in person at the mediators or at the Gaming Department.

Finally, for prizes equal to or greater than €5,000 euros, payment is made by bank transfer, after a period of 12 days, counted from in-person identification at the Gaming Department's facilities. The personal identification data of the winners are collected to comply with legislation to combat money laundering, and are processed by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, according to the legislation relating to the protection of personal data.

The right to prizes expires 90 days after the date of the competition. Therefore, winners have 90 days to claim their prize, after which it will no longer be available.

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