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Albufeira: Evaristo restaurant burns down overnight

ALBUFEIRA: EVARISTO RESTAURANT BURNS DOWN OVERNIGHTA fire broke out at the Evaristo restaurant, at Praia do Evaristo in Albufeira last night, resulting in the building being “practically completely burned down”.

The fire alert was given at 11:50pm this Thursday, with 32 operatives rushing to the scene, assisted by 13 vehicles, from the Albufeira Volunteer Firefighters, Lagoa Volunteer Firefighters, the São Bartolomeu de Messines Volunteer Firefighters Association, the Republican National Guard (GNR) and the National Maritime Authority (AMN).

The flames were brought under control by 2:36 am, with surveillance work continuing on the ground.

Sadly, the restaurant is almost burned to the ground, but luckily no injuries were reported.

Photo by https://www.cmjornal.pt/

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