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Mother gave birth privately to avoid baby being institutionalised

MOTHER GAVE BIRTH PRIVATELY TO AVOID BABY BEING INSTITUTIONALISEDThe woman who took her newborn daughter, who was under precautionary protection, from the Faro hospital nursery on Thursday, gave birth in a private hospital to eventually keep the child, the Judiciary Police (PJ) admitted yesterday.

The person responsible for the PJ's Southern board admitted today at a press conference that the birth of the child in a private hospital may "have been a plan by the mother to keep the child and circumvent the precautionary protection measures" decreed by the Family and Minors Court.

According to Fernando Jordão, the woman, who has another child who is institutionalised, is referred by the Commission for the Protection of Children and Young People “for reasons of inability to treat the child”.
The PJ located and detained the baby's mother, aged 37 - and a man, aged 45, who helped the mother - at a residence belonging to friends of the suspects, on the outskirts of the city of Faro, together with the newly-born baby. born, one month old.
According to the person responsible for the PJ's Southern directorate, the woman is the parent, but there is no known degree of kinship between the man, either with the woman or with the child.
The two suspects are charged with the crime of aggravated kidnapping, taking into account the child's age, said the person responsible.
Fernando Jordão said that the child was under the responsibility of the Faro hospital, a unit of the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve (CHUA), “waiting for his fate to be decided, as he is subject to precautionary protection measures by the Family Court”.
The same source said that the woman removed the newborn and transported her “in a normal basket, like a bag, taking advantage of moments of less supervision at the hospital, during the normal period of visits” to which she was authorized.
Fernando Jordão considered “there was no responsibility on the part of the hospital”, given that the child was not subject to police surveillance.
“It is a case that is similar to other known ones, where moments of less vigilance are taken advantage of during a visit,” he said.
According to the PJ, the child was handed over to the custody of Faro Hospital and the two suspects are waiting to be brought before the court to be heard in the first judicial interrogation.
According to a note sent to Lusa by CHUA, the baby was in hospital as part of the promotion and precautionary protection measures for children and young people at risk, “but without a clinical reason and awaiting a court decision on definitive care”.
The baby's mother was authorised to visit the newborn, with the CHUA “immediately activating all safety, communication and collaboration protocols with the competent authorities”.
Source Lusa
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