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Faro Airport: full-scale emergency exercise this Tuesday night

FARO AIRPORT: FULL-SCALE EMERGENCY EXERCISE THIS TUESDAY NIGHTThe Gago Coutinho Airport, Faro will carry out a full-scale emergency exercise, during the night of this Tuesday, between 8:30pm and 00:30am, on the airport perimeter, to test the means of assistance in an emergency situation.

“This full-scale emergency exercise is in line with the recommendations of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), with regard to carrying out exercises, specifically in the efficient coordination of internal and external resources in relief operations in response to emergency”, explained ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal, in a statement.

During this exercise, the Gago Coutinho Airport Emergency Plan will be activated, with the involvement of relief and emergency vehicles, which will circulate with the respective sirens and visual emergency signals.


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