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Much needed assisted reproduction clinic opens in Faro

MUCH NEEDED ASSISTED REPRODUCTION CLINIC OPENS IN FAROThe Next Clinics Group, one of the largest European assisted reproduction and healthcare groups, has announced its entry into Portugal through the opening of the first Next Fertility clinic in Faro, providing fertility treatments and diagnostic exams.

The new clinic is intended to serve patients from the entire Algarve and Baixo Alentejo region, "responding to a specific need of the population of these two regions, given the lack of comprehensive centers specializing in assisted reproduction", say Next Clinics in a statement.

"There are currently 28 centers (public and private) for carrying out PMA treatments, with the region south of the Tagus being disadvantaged, as at the moment there is only one public center in Almada, and our center in the Algarve" explains João Alves, clinical director of Next Fertility Faro.

"Next Fertility in Faro will put an end to trips to Lisbon for those interested in PMA treatments, as well as offering a portfolio of genetic treatments and services and a business approach centered on the patient experience", says the statement.

In 2023, the company opened 4 new centers in Spain, where it already has a total of 8 reproduction clinics and one of the largest gamete biobanks in Europe.

In Europe, Next Clinics employs around 1,000 people, spread across 8 countries, with 22 clinics and 7 diagnostic laboratories. The group surpasses the barrier of 12,000 assisted reproduction cycles per year, more than 30,000 genetic tests and more than 4.5 million diagnostic tests performed.

For Next Clinics, the assisted reproduction sector in Europe is one of the most competitive. "Advances in reproductive medicine, increasingly favorable legislation and the influx of private capital have led to constant growth over the last three decades", he highlights.

W: https://nextfertility.pt/

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