EU Commission welcomes final agreement on EU Digital Identity Wallet

EU Commission welcomes final agreement on EU Digital Identity WalletThe final agreement was reached earlier this month by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU, that all EU citizens will be offered the possibility to have an EU Digital Identity Wallet to access public and private online services, offering full security and protection of personal data all over Europe.

EU Digital Identity Wallets are personal digital wallets, in the form of apps allowing citizens to digitally identify themselves, store and manage identity data and official documents in digital form. These may include a driving licence, medical prescriptions or educational qualifications.

Many citizens are already using digital wallets on their mobile phones to store their boarding passes when they travel or to keep their virtual bank cards for convenient payment. These wallets, often offered by online platforms, allow their users to log in to various services online, from shopping to reading news but these logins are not necessarily giving users full control on what data they share to identify themselves with online services.

The agreement reached by the co-legislators is now subject to formal approval by the European Parliament and the Council, with Europe's ambition for the digital transformation by 2030.

To read full details, please visit the European Commission website HERE.

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