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PSP issues warning about a car fraud scheme

PSP ISSUES WARNING ABOUT A CAR FRAUD SCHEMEThe PSP have launched an alert on social media about a fraud scheme related to the purchase and sale of cars, on online platforms. This scheme, which has been gaining ground, is based on the cloning of legitimate vehicle sales advertisements.

According to the PSP Lisbon Metropolitan Command, the fraudster's modus operandi consists of copying vehicle sale advertisements, deceiving both the real seller and potential buyers. The criminal selects ads on popular platforms such as OLX, Facebook and Standvirtual and contacts advertisers, trying to obtain as much information about the vehicle in question.

Subsequently, the fraudster replicates the advertisement, using the same photos and characteristics of the vehicle, but with a sales price considerably lower than the actual value. This tactic aims to attract potential buyers by offering an attractive price.

The next step is to request that payment be made by bank transfer, indicating a NIB associated with an account controlled by the criminal. Once the transfer has been made, there is an intermediary who receives the money into your bank account and immediately withdraws the amount in cash. This intermediary receives a 20% commission on the amount transferred, while the rest is handed over to those truly responsible for the fraud.

This type of fraud has been worrying the authorities, due to its increasing incidence and the damage it causes to both legitimate sellers and potential buyers. The PSP advises users of online platforms to be alert to this type of scheme, carefully checking the legitimacy of the advertisements and avoiding making advance payments by bank transfer.

In the event of any suspicion of fraud, the PSP recommends that citizens contact the authorities immediately, in order to prevent more people from becoming victims of this type of crime.

Source https://postal.pt/

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