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New 3.5km Armação de Pêra walkway is a hit

NEW 'EURO 7 STANDARD' REGULATIONS FOR CARS WILL COME IN TO PLACE IN 2030The new the Ecovia do Litoral Sul in Armação de Pêra, has a new attraction that promises to delight residents and tourists. Although the works are still in the completion phase and the official inauguration is pending, the Armação de Pêra walkway is already has become a popular destination in recent days, with many Portuguese people visiting the place to enjoy walks and take photographs.

This new walkway extends for 3.5 kms, connecting Ribeira dos Salgados to Praia dos Pescadores, passing through Praia Grande and featuring an impressive 225 metre long bridge over the Ribeira de Alcantarilha.

In the near future, it is planned to expand the walkway to Barranco do Vale do Olival, and connect to the beaches of the neighbouring municipalities of Albufeira and Lagoa.

This is just the first phase of an ambitious project promoted by Silves City Council, with an initial investment of 1.2 million euros.

With a financial contribution from the European community and the national government totaling 374,000 euros, the authority's objective is clear and twofold. According to Tiago Raposo, councilor of Silves, the first objective is to provide people with the opportunity to enjoy the environment, appreciating the beautiful natural landscapes, the sea and movement between local beaches. Additionally, the aim is to preserve the dune ecosystem, a natural heritage that is often neglected and damaged by visitors.

As for the long-awaited official opening date, Tiago Raposo suggests that it shouldn't be long, as only five % of works still to be completed. 

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