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Ever wondered who owns the Castelo do Arade, Ferragudo?

EVER WONDERED WHO OWNS THE CASTELO DO ARADE, FERRAGUDO?This castle in Ferragudo is not one of the most famous monuments in the Algarve, but people often wonder about the history and who owns it now.

On the left bank of the Arade River, in Ferragudo, built on a small rocky slope that separates Praia da Angrinha from Praia Grande stands the Castle of São João do Arade, also known as Forte de São João do Arade, or Castelo do Arade. It was classified as a Property of Public Interest in 1974.

It is said that only a watchtower was initially built here, to guarantee a quick response to attacks by corsairs from northern Europe in the 15th century. The castle that stands there today was only built after the restoration of independence from Spanish rule, in 1640.

Vasco Pereira Coutinho, a Portuguese millionaire who made his fortune with AutoEuropa, is the current owner of this monument.

José Manuel Durão Barroso, former President of the European Commission, celebrated his second wedding at the castle. Portuguese millionaire businessman Diogo Pereira Coutinho also exchanged rings with the actress Sara Salgado here.

Source https://postal.pt/

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