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Quarteira: Storm washes away €14 million worth of sand from beaches

QUARTEIRA: STORM WASHES AWAY €14 MILLION WORTH OF SAND FROM BEACHESThe storm that affected the Algarve region over recent days has caused significant damage to coastal areas Quarteira, washing the sand of Praia do Forte Novo away, and partially destructing walkways and outdoor furniture.

The project to replace the entire sandy area between the Quarteira seafront and Ancão beach has an estimated value of 14 million euros.

The Municipality of Loulé said in a statement that “work will be carried out to remove all debris and other waste accumulated there in order to clean the entire affected area."

“This project was submitted in an application for community funds under the Climate Action and Sustainability Program (PACS). After approval of that application, an international public tender will be opened to carry out the contract to replace the sand”, say the council. It will subsequently undertake the rehabilitation of the walkways and adjacent equipment/furniture as soon as the entire beach is properly “replaced”.

The council says that “it will remain attentive and will be in permanent contact with ARH Algarve, to resolve this situation as quickly as possible”.

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