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Silves closes some tourist attractions for disinfestation

SILVES CLOSES SOME TOURIST ATTRACTIONS FOR DISINFESTATIONThe Igreja da Misericórdia, the Museu do Traje e das Tradições and the Casa Museu João de Deus in Silves will all be closed for short periods over the next few weeks.

It is not know which type of infestation is the issue, but the council have apologised for inconvenience that disinfestation may cause to residents and tourists.

Misericórdia Church closes on April 22nd and 30th, reopening on May 2nd.

The Costume Museum closes on May 3rd, reopening on May 7th.

Casa Museu João de Deus on closes on May 3rd, reopening on May 6th.

Source https://postal.pt/


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