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Potential new surfing world record on a 28.57 metre monster wave

POTENTIAL NEW SURFING WORLD RECORD ON A 28.57 METRE MONSTER WAVEGerman Big Wave Surfer Sebastian Steudtner has surfed possibly the biggest wave ever this season, measured at 28.57m (93.73ft), in Nazaré, Portugal. (video)

The current world record, also held by Steudtner, is 26.21m (86.4ft), which was achieved at Nazaré in 2020.

Since then, Steudtner developed a new surfboard technology with his partners to significantly optimize his surfboard over the past three years. Using the latest simulation methods and wind tunnel validations, the water and air resistances were successfully reduced. As a result, with the new board, Steudtner can now reach speeds of up to 100 km/h, compared to the previous 80 km/h, which now enabled Steudtner to ride the potential next record wave.

During this huge swell, a drone prototype was used for quick and precise wave measurement for the first time.


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