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Monchique: Searches for missing elderly man resume today

MONCHIQUE: SEARCHES FOR MISSING ELDERLY MAN RESUME TODAYA GNR source has confirmed that the search for an elderly man who disappeared on Tuesday, in Monchique, was suspended last night, without results, but will resume this morning.

During the day yesterday, searches were carried out in areas around Monchique with patrols and a drone. A kinesthetic device, which detects movement, was used but was unable to locate the 72 year old man, who was last seen on Tuesday afternoon.

“The search today included four GNR patrols, three teams with dogs, another Protection and Relief patrol and another team using drones”, highlighted the GNR officer on Thursday, stating that the searches took place “almost always within the perimeter of the village” in the Algarve, but were suspended at 8:30 pm last night.

Speaking about todays search, the GNR explained that, “At the outset, what will be done is to extend the search a little further, widen the perimeter, and the effort will also be directed to the area where the man was last seen”.

The first alert about the disappearance of the 72 year old man was given at around 4pm on Tuesday, with health centers and other organizations being contacted to see if they had taken in the missing person.

Hopefully the searches today will result in a positive outcome.

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