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Woman rescued by lifeboat at Farol de Alfanzina, Lagoa

WOMAN RESCUED BY LIFEBOAT AT FAROL DE ALFANZINA, LAGOAFerragudo lifeguard crew rescued a 65 year old German lady yesterday, after she got knocked over by a wave.

The woman found herself in difficulties after apparently being surprised by a wave while on a tourist boat, next to one of the caves at Farol de Alfanzina, in Lagoa.

The victim was rescued by the crew at the Ferragudo Lifeguard Station after the alarm was raised at 12:15pm yesterday, reporting that a woman was in difficulty on board a maritime-tourist vessel, so the crew from the Salva Station were mobilized to the scene. The local command of the Portimão Maritime Police and an INEM team were also activated.

“Upon arrival at the vessel, the crew at the Lifeguard Station found that the victim, a 65 year old German lady was complaining of back pain, and was transported to the Portimão Marina, where INEM team were waiting, to promptly assist her and transported her to a hospital,” says the National Maritime Authority statement.

Source https://www.algarvemarafado.com/


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