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Faro: Police arrest a man threatening people with a large knife

FARO: POLICE ARREST A MAN THREATENING PEOPLE WITH A LARGE KNIFEYesterday, the Faro PSP arrested a 33 year old man who was actively threatening several citizens, "using a large bladed weapon".

Following reports from the public about an individual who was threatening several citizens with a knife, several police resources were quickly mobilised to the scen in Faro. They swiflty located the suspect while he was trying to rob people on public roads, using the aforementioned weapon.

The suspect was immobilized by the police, and detained, accused of robbery and possession of a prohibited weapon.

On further investigation, the PSP found that the suspect was suspected of committing several crimes, some of which involved the use of violence.

The suspect has been remanded in custody.

Photo by PSP

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