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Lagoa car crash - one dead and four injured

crashOne person was killed and four were injured, one of them seriously, following a collision between three vehicles in the Carvoeiro area, Lagoa according to a spokesman from the Lagoa fire department.

According to official reports, the accident occurred around 15.20, on the EN 124 by the CEPSA filling station and involved a van and two cars, killing the occupant of one of the vehicles, a 24-year old French woman who was on holiday.

The fatality was travelling with friends, all of them French, aged 24 to 26 years, all were holidaying in the Algarve The injured were taken to Portimão hospital and the road in to Carvoeiro remained closed for most of the afternoon.

The precise circumstances of the collision are unknown and the case has been handed to the criminal investigation team for of road accidents at the GNR for further analysis.

Eye-witness reports describe a van hitting a passenger vehicle which was emerging from the fuel stop, a full police statement is expected soon.

In the rescue operation, 25 members of the Fire service, supported by seven vehicles, were soon on the scene as was the GNR and a medical team.

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