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Health Points at the Algarve beaches enhance the region's appeal

armacao2The seasonal 'healthcare points' on the Algarve’s beaches this summer were a welcome addition to the region's appeal as a safe and secure family holiday destination with 9,500 people making use of the service.

The 32 health points were used by tourists and locals alike, most of whom luckily needed only minor medical aid, according to a summary from the regional heath service management team.

These heath points were operational during July, August and the first two weeks of September all along the coastline at the main bathing beaches under the Summer 2014 Plan which offered front line medical care but also could refer patients to local hospitals or clinics if they needed treatment for more serious problems.

Of the visitors, 5,743 were given treatment for abrasions or stitches for cuts, 1,861 were given blood pressure tests, 936 were given relief from pain from bites from spiders, fish and insects, 295 patients had blood glucose tests and 530 received injections for a range of individual conditions.

Of the total, only 192 people were referred to other health facilities with more serious problems.

The health points with the highest number of visitors during the summer were at Armaçao de Pêra (pictured) (782), Manta Rota (647), Monte Gordo (643), and Quarteira (642).

The health points were linked to the Centro de Orientação de Doentes Urgentes (Guidance Centre for Emergency Patients) run by the national emergency ambulance service INEM which enabled immediate symptom analysis and seamless onward referral to healthcare facilities.

The main problems were, as ever, injuries from falls such as cuts, abrasions and bruises, bites from small yet fierce creatures, sunburn and other ailments resulting from lying around or playing in the sun for too long in pursuit of the perfect tan in a week.

This health point programme is a welcome addition to the 'summer holiday fun in safety' proposition that the Algarve's tourist board, healthcare service and police have been keen to develop and promote.

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+3 #1 VERONICA DELANEY 2014-10-26 09:29
Well done to all who got this up and running . :lol:

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