€190 million EuroMillions lottery winner claims prize

euromillionsThe Gaming Department of Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa today reported that the €190 million EuroMillions jackpot has been claimed.

The organiser said, "we have completed all the formalities for payment of the prize."

The Gaming Department did not indicate when the prize was claimed. This is the 53rd time a Portuguese national has won the EuroMillions and the delay in the prizewinner coming forward has had the nation guessing who in Castelo Branco has such nerves of steel?

Had the prize remained uncollected it would have been forfeit in January 2015, 90 days after the draw, with the sole beneficiary being Santa Casa da Misericordia.

The tiny Sobedis Tabacaria in Castelo Branco, where the ticket had been purchased, only found out the prize had been claimed by seeing a report on the TV, "We saw the news on television, it has been crazy since people found out that the prize ticket was sold here. Business is booming as the number of people buying Euromillions tickets has increased," said the delighted owner

The tobacconist seems indeed to be on a winning streak as this morning a €2 euro scratchcard won €1,000.

The identity of the person who won €190 million, before tax,  is unknown as he or she did not go to the tobacconist to double check the numbers.

"Most big winners go direct to the operator to protect themselves and to be discreet," said the owner of the lucky outlet.

The jackpot is the equal largest in the history of the game as a British couple won the same amount in 2004.

The Portuguese treasury will be delighted that the prize winner is in Portugal and the state already will have claimed tax of 20% of any winnings over €5,000, in this case a cool €38 million, but when you have just banked €152 million, who really cares about the tax bill?

The operator of the lottery will offer support run by its High Rewarded service.

One of the services is psychological support, the next crucial one is good travel advice. This is what is called a 'high quality problem.'

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