GNR suicides have “escalated alarmingly”

GNR suicidesThe Association for the Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) commented today that a revised plan is needed to prevent a further rise in the suicide rate among its members.

The GNR Association (ASPIG ) commented that resources for the prevention of suicides in the security forces, such as the use of a dedicated telephone help line and psychological support, should be rethought so as to "be more efficient in helping to curb the alarming escalation of suicides among the security forces.”

The president of ASPIG, José Alho said that the GNR must be "more supported" if the system fails to treat its members as no more than just numbers.

The procedures within the ranks of the GNR should change, particularly with regard to disciplinary proceedings and investigations.

There are about 2,000 disciplinary proceedings or inquiries every year as a result of questionable or illegal GNR activity and actions. Many suicides are of officers facing a disciplinary procedure.


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