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Espiche Golf shortlisted for international ‘Clubhouse of the Year’

espicheThis year’s international golf ‘Clubhouse of the Year’ competition went back to its US roots as many of the 21 entries on the shortlist are for clubhouses in American states known for high-quality golf facilities.

Only one, the Espiche Golf clubhouse, was located outside the United States representing a huge boost to the Algarve's reputation, and that of the golf course management and clubhouse's architect.

Several entries came from expected locations, those steeped in the culture of golf and leisure in Florida, California, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia.

“Though international projects had great showings in past contests, this year’s best projects were from the United States,” said Jack Crittenden, Editor in Chief of Golf Inc., noting the one exception – Espiche - whose management naturally is elated at being selected among the top four new clubhouses in the world, but also at the very real chance of coming in at number one.

“Several of the entries beautifully illustrated the intersection of tradition and modernity in their designs,” continued Crittenden.

As always, the range of designs, both interior and exterior, impressed Golf Inc.’s four judges.

This year’s judging panel based entries on three factors: efficiency (25%), aesthetics (25%) and overall design concept (50%).

A number of the projects boast latest amenities for the golfer, club member and family alike, including: pools, fitness centres, card rooms, restaurants, lounges and more.

Golf Inc. separated the entries into two categories: New Construction and Renovation.

Nine projects in these two categories earned scores high enough to be honoured in the 2015 Clubhouse of the Year competition, including three honourable mentions.

The order of this year's winners will be announced in the upcoming May/June issue of Golf Inc.

This year's winners in the New Construction category are listed below in alphabetical order:

Cobblestone Park Golf Club in Blythewood, S.C.
Espiche Golf Club, Algarve, Portugal
Plantation Golf Club in Hilton Head Island, S.C.
TPC Stonebrae Country Club in Hayward, Calif.

There will be a first, second and third place, and one honourable mention.

Espiche Golf is located in the picturesque western Algarve to the north of Praia da Luz. The course is a notably spectacular location and is challenging, where nature abounds and snares the unwary.

Now Espiche can boast the best new clubhouse in the Algarve, and maybe soon, in the world

The clubhouse was designed by Architect Nadine Berger with terraces and lounges on two levels, a restaurant and bar area, inner patio garden, changing rooms and reception area.


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