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'Coffee Sir? Please pay at Finanças'

financasThe out-of-touch world of Portugal’s Tax Authority has seen the boundaries of its own mad-cap standards once again challenged from within.

The latest ploy from the taxman is to insist that the recipient of goods to tootle off to Finanças to settle the bill, rather than paying the supplier, if the supplier owes the taxman money.


The new Guia de Transporte control system can identify which service providers have tax debts and Finanças can demand that it receives the payment, rather than the supplier.

Similarly, the new style tills linked to the Tax Authority can be rigged to inform the buyer that their bill for a purchase must not be settled with the seller, but with the tax office.

The chairman of the Tax Workers Union, Paulo Ralha, commented rather politely that this scheme is "unacceptable and dangerous."

To Ralha, "this scheme is applied across all economic activities. It can happen that a customer goes to a clothes shop, a shoe shop or tobaccanist, and if that store has a debt, the buyer is told to go to the Finanças to settle the bill.

"This is a situation that currently being experienced by several companies in the catering sector, but it is spreading to all economic activities."

The government professes to be the friend of business but its behaviour in introducing more and more red tape and rigorous systems simply result in fewer invoices being issued and a growth in the grey market for goods and services.

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-10 #5 chiptheduck 2015-04-14 14:44
And if I don't go to the local Gestapo office and pay for my coffee will they arrest me? How will they know that I haven't paid because I certainly won't give my name and address to the coffee shop.
Totally unworkable, just like the tolls. How did they ever manage to get out of the pond?
-6 #4 liveaboard 2015-04-14 10:03
If this scheme is implemented as presented, any business targeted essentially is immediately stopped from trading. With no cash flow to pay staff or suppliers, any owner will have no choice but to close shop the minute this would occur.
That will not bring in any revenue at all for financas.
Who was the bright spark who came up with this fascist scheme?
That's not a word I often employ, but in this case it's quite appropriate.
-3 #3 SueF 2015-04-14 08:16
If I buy an electric kettle and after a few weeks it doesn't work, who is the vendor? To whom does one go for a refund? Or if a builder owes tax but buys materials for the construction on account who pays for the materials? The list is endless.
-7 #2 Darkie 2015-04-14 02:03
Were out of this hell hole!

Packing, and good riddance to portugal, this is a police state, confirmed period!
We saw them all this morning at roundabouts portimao, stopping and searching cars, and terrorising people, robbing them of there dignity and cash.

Portugal is a pathetic losers paradise.
0 #1 RCK 2015-04-13 20:42
All I can say is - words fail me

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