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Portugal suffers continued industrial decline

shipyardIndustrial production in Portugal fell in February whereas it was up on average in the eurozone.

The measure considers the output from the industrial sector, such as manufacturing, mining, and utilities, but excludes construction.

In the euro region production was up by 1.1% when compared to January 2015 and up by 1.6% over February 2014.

For Portugal, however, monthly production went down by -0.5%, one of the largest drops in the euro area. Annual production was down even further (-0.8%), making February the fourth consecutive month of declining output.

Economic recovery for the country remains under question.

Ireland has been steaming ahead with output up by a massive 30% in the year, followed by a 6.6% rise in the Netherlands.

Neighbouring Spain welcomed annual increases in December and January as well as February. UK annual output has gone up over each of the last six months.

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-13 #1 Joao Martins 2015-04-15 11:04
Would the previous story have something to do with it ?

IMF does not believe Portugal's figures

Would you do business with someone who you wouldn't trust and have a very low ethical track record? The world can see straight through this government and the figures show that, this country is bad news for business.

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