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IMF does not believe Portugal's figures

imfThe International Monetary Fund (IMF) does not believe that Portugal will achieve a deficit of below 3% this year if the government continues to use those fiscal measures currently in place.

In the ‘World Economic Outlook’ published today in Washington, the IMF points to a Portuguese deficit of 3.2% this year and 2.8% in 2016, a big blow to the government which is relying on positive economic data to help it get re-elected.

These serious IMF assessments are well in excess of the figures being bandied about by Portugal’s Prime and Finance Ministers who point to a deficit of just 2.7% for 2015.

Few are fooled by teh government's rosy estimates as there is an election coming up this Autumn and any statistics that help the coalition parties will be trotted out to confuse and bamboozle the electorate.

If Portugal’s estimates indeed are this far adrift from reality and the deficit remains over the 3% mark as predicted by the IMF and other institutions, this will stop Portugal's government from being able to shed itself of the embarrassment of remaining in the Excessive Deficit club.

The Finance Minister Maria Luís Albuquerque will need to be studying her ‘big book of as yet unused excuses’ if she expects to maintain and credibility at home or abroad as a half percentage point error is massive when dealing with the nation's finances.

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-13 #5 Joao Martins 2015-04-15 10:54
:D '' Portugal’s estimates indeed are far adrift from reality'' I think the government is far adrift from reality, i've listened to conversations between my parents since i was a child about the politics of Portugal from Salazar to the present, what has changed NOTHING except i've got older but the lies are the same, wake up Portugal, you can't keep lying to your people, they have this new power called the internet, the new generation is smarter than you.
-12 #4 Karel 2015-04-15 09:56
Fully right, mr Booker. Such a 2 party system exists in many countries (USA, UK, RCA, Portugal,...) and everywhere is gives the same problems: as one party blaims the other next elections they simply "switch"... unfortunately the results are - election after election -
each time worser and wearder... As faras I can see in recent years the only country that succeeded (well) in making a "political jump" is Belgium where
a right-wing party succeeded in getting 34% of the votes and since May last year that makes a tremendous change in the good direction. However hope such a thing will NOT happen in France as after their catastrophical socialist governement they can miss an extremistic governement le Penn as tooth pain !
-9 #3 Peter Booker 2015-04-15 09:09
So IMF reckons that Portugal is receding, not progressing. The cause? A downturn in the economy, provoked by excessive taxation and lack of access to credit, as well as idiotic tolls that take money out of Portugal for the benefit of Spaniards. The cure? More of the same, it seems.

One of the cases where the cure is worse than the disease. Who would want to win the general election here? Well, António Costa´s Socialists. But what can they do that is different? I have not seen any sign that they have a different policy from that of the present government. I expect that they think that it is their turn at the trough.
-11 #2 Karel 2015-04-15 05:50
:-x Don't blame EMF, EU or TROIKA.... it was Socrates who pledged for that loan ! And remind you that loans have to be refunded, aren't they ?
It is indeed right that Portugal has about "the most elastic stats in the world" and as everybody knows and experience that every day it's Obvious that nobody believes Portugese stats ! And it is common knowledge that during election years in all countries stats become "as flexible as bunjis". Portugal is definitely not an exception on that rule.
-8 #1 dw 2015-04-14 21:05
Pot calls Kettle Black. It's the IMF's imposed austerity that makes it impossible for Portugal to reduce the deficit. More Troika hypocrisy.

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