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Former mayor Macário Correia charged with ‘malfeasance in public office’

correiaThe former mayor of Tavira and then of Faro formally has been accused of the crime of malfeasance* in public office due to urban licensing irregularities in 2007, when he was president of Tavira council.

The charges have been filed by the Department of Investigation and Penal Action in Évora and appear on its website, although not mentioning Correia by name, referring to ‘a former mayor of Tavira council.’

Correia was in charge of Tavira council between 1999 and 2009, and promptly then was elected as president of Faro council.

The entry says that the Judicial Police have finished their investigation relating to matters of urban licensing and on April 9, 2015 charges were filed against the former mayor.

Correia declined to make any comment on the case when contacted today by news agency Lusa .

In 2012 while mayor of Faro, Correia was sentenced by the Supreme Administrative Court to relinquish his mandate due to planning violations while at Tavira council relating to the licensing of private building works in 2007 which contravened Algarve's Land Management Plan and Tavira’s Municipal Master Plan.

When running Faro council, Correia went through a series of court processes, suspensions, an absence and a final reappearance up until the council elections in September 2013 when Rogério Bacalhao took over as mayor.

Correia spent June 2013 at home while suspended, pending the examination of an appeal as to his conviction for loss of office in which he said that the facts that led to this conviction were contradictory.

On leaving Faro council, Correia was handed the job of running the Algarve's waste collection Algar in February 2014 where, much to the disappointment of local media, he has been keeping out of trouble.


*Malfeasance: 'illegal or dishonest activity especially by a public official or a corporation'

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-8 #3 ATHANKFULLTAVIRA RES 2015-06-04 19:30
I'm most surprised they only charged him on one count when there are so many other examples of his illegal actions while he was President at Tavira, PDM altered to suit potential developer, failure to take note of local residents views and financial links with potential developers, and his position with a local bank.
It was a well known fact that to get anything past Tavira Camara it was necessary to take a senior officer out to dinner and pass a brown envelope, filled with a suitable number of pieces of paper, to them under the dinner table. Surprise Surprise your wish was granted! Tavira is a much improved place without him.
-9 #2 Malcolm. H 2015-05-26 08:25
These stories about bent local mayors and regional governors would be common if Portugal's news was not so tightly controlled.

Correia presumably upsetting one powerful tribal leader too many ... perhaps missing or diverting a payment on the bung schedule.

Remember he will still be on about 2,000 euros a week at Algar so not exactly struggling. And still very well connected because it is well understood amongst these types - "If I go down I'll have to take the rest of you down with me. I will sing like a canary. So keep my chin up, lads"

And Portugal's controlled press ? How was it the allegedly good PSP Robocop photographed the other day - became known countrywide ? Seen 'shielding' the little lad whilst his Dad and Grandad were being baton whipped by other PSP - if not the Ministry of Information telling the press.

So we helpfully learnt that this particular officer likes 'children but could not manage a whole one'. Is noted for practicing Tai Chi when getting confessions out of 'bad guys' .

And uses Feng Shui at bed time to lay out his gun, gas canister, cuffs and truncheon on his bed side table.
-7 #1 Orwell 2015-05-26 07:32
Look at this scumbag!

All camarras in algarve are Gangsters, these are the bastards who are ruining innocent people with colossal
Fines, and confiscating peoples homes, cars, etc.

Albufeira camarra is the worst for corruption,

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