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Airline tries preloading baggage

baggagehandlersAn American airline is experimenting with pre-loading luggage in the cabin to see if they will make boarding quicker and easier.

Delta Airlines has set up an Early Valet service on some two dozen busy routes, such as New York, Atlanta and Seattle.

Staff load the hand baggage above the passenger’s allotted seat before boarding starts.

With more passengers turning to hand luggage only to avoid baggage fees, time is lost (and stress increased) as passengers have to wait while others struggle with their bags blocking the aisle while trying to find space.

A trial last summer in two major hubs found that the procedure did reduce the time needed for boarding.

A Delta spokesperson said the carrier expects to roll out the programme further, beginning with flights taken particularly by a high number of holidaymakers.

Research in the US indicated that it costs $30 for every minute a plane is waiting at the gate. On the downside, the preloading project incurs more staff costs.

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