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Corruption alleged at the Alhambra

alhambraThe director of Spain’s Alhambra palace is under investigation for alleged embezzlement of public funds.

Along with Maria del Mar Villafranca are four other members of the board of trustees.

An official for the interior ministry said Villafranca was arrested on Thursday and taken in for questioning. Although she was later released, she remains under investigation.

The five are said to be suspected of misappropriating public money which was supposed to be used for audio guide systems for visitors to the world heritage site.

Should she be named as an official suspect, Villafranca has said she would resign her post immediately.

“The board has acted with absolute integrity, transparency and a sense of responsibility,” she told reporters, before declined to answer any further questions on the case.

The royal residence of Alhambra, on the outskirts of Granada, was completed in the 14th century. Thousands of visitors enter its fortified walls every day, making it Spain’s most popular tourist attraction.

Meanwhile, the country’s interior minister has come under scrutiny by the opposition Socialists on the question of whether or not his pet dog, Lola, has had the exclusive use of an official plane or car for transport.

The Socialists posed a written question to the conservative party.

The minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz, told a newspaper that his dog has never travelled alone on an official government plane and showed El País tickets recently bought for the dog to travel by public transport.

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