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117,000 vehicles in Portugal must be recalled by Volkswagen

vwThe Economy Minister today announced that there are about 117,000 vehicles in Portugal affected by the emissions fraud committed by Volkswagen. These vehicles need to be corrected and he estimated these problems should be solved over the next year.

Previously the minister said that he had spoken with management at Volkswagen’s Autoeuropa plant at Palmela, later assuring everyone that the "vehicles produced in Portugal in recent years, do not have the special fraudulent kit incorporated. I have every reason to believe Autoeuropa."

Either none of the affected vehicles came from the Palmela plant, or the minister has been deceived.

According to information released today to the media by Pires de Lima, at the end of a meeting of the new working group, there are 102,140 Volkswagens, Audis and Skodas that are "using fraudulent kit that distorts exhaust emission data" plus about 15,000 Seats affected.

According to the minister, Volkswagen pledged today to present by the end of November "a more accurate and detailed timetable" for the recall and correction of these vehicles.

"Fraud has technical costs, but can also have fiscal costs," said the minister referring to the CO2 emissions from the engines concerned and possible action against the German manufacturer.

The working group set up by the Government has to submit a full report by November 2nd.

As for Volkswagen’s plan to invest in the Palmela plant, spending €670 million and creating 500 jobs between 2014 and 2019, Pires de Lima issued a message of confidence about the investment deal that was signed just over a year ago, "we have had no sign from Volkswagen that would jeopardise the plan that was approved by the State."

Volkswagen already has stated that it is to reduce its annual investmnet by €1 billion but has not stated which countries and plant will be affected.

The Portuguese working group "aims to monitor and evaluate the courses of action and the impact of the Volkswagen crisis, ensuring respect for the environment, taxation, consumer rights and the protection and safeguarding of the Portuguese state’s interests."

The Volkswagen Group produces the Volkswagen Eos, Scirocco and Sharan and Seat Alhambra at the Autoeuropa plant.

Pires de Lima has scheduled a telephone conversation for this Friday with the new CEO of Volkswagen, Matthias Mueller, in order to ensure that the investment €677 million investment at in Autoeuropa is still on.

The government has no indications that the Palmela factory is part of the cuts announced this week but the minister wants the agreed investment assured.

Contrary to the agreement in Portugal, other countries have received guarantees that investments by the group are to continue. In Spain the government was informed last week that Volkswagen will keep investments totaling €4.2 billion.

In Italy, VW has said it will follow with its €1.4 billion investment, half of which is to produce a new Lamborghini, a subsidiary of the German group.

The German group has acknowledged the existence of 11 million vehicles that have the dodgy software fitted.

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+2 #5 Climate Paronia 2015-10-19 09:46
So VW has been caught producing cars that are probably one the best fuel efficient diesel cars on the market! And these cars have been polluting our air with CO2? One part carbon two parts Oxygen, the same CO2 essential for plant growth. The same CO2 needed by plants to convert to Oxygen through photosynthesis? People CO2 is NOT A POLLUTANT! The CO2 and the climate change relation is one of the biggest hoaxes of our time. It is being pushed simply for the purpose of carbon taxes.
0 #4 Mildred 2015-10-18 11:39
Maxwell may have his own take on this .... but Pink Mapping clearly is the problem here in Portugal! Just as Gibraltaring is in southern Spain.

Teaching that EU member state x did something bad to us y centuries ago. Then hushing it up Keeping it out of any guide book and not even discussing it openly - so these y people keep turning up in their ignorance. misleadingly thinking that they are liked. Keep coming not knowing that actually its their money that is wanted - not them.

The EU is all about open access, economic growth and countries settling their historical differences. Tens of thousands of Portuguese are doing well in the UK. All Portugal offers is stagnation. As so many thousands of its own people have found having left it.

When will Portugal grow up enough to turn the mirror back on itself?
+4 #3 payback is a b*tch 2015-10-17 13:24
If you British frogs hate Portugal so much, why live here? why come here?
In this filthy web-rag of a newsblog, I have yet to find a single article that is not accompanied by some disguised gruesome insult to the Portuguese, either on the comment section or the article itself.
Don't you people have mirrors to see your own frowns?
All sorts of accusations are thrown in here, the Portuguese get accused of being freeloaders, dishonest, corrupt, bigoted, thieves, etc. But looking at the UK closely we could clearly see the same and many more problems, even bigger in the case of corruption and dishonesty.

Maxwell, you might be ignorant enough not to know that all the relevant car manufactures in the UK are own by foreign companies and VM happens to own Crewe,Cheshire, "Bentley factory". Yes! bentley is owned by Volkswagen Group. So, is the UK going to assume the responsibilities for the mistakes made by Volkswagen? or is it just the Portuguese that have to take responsibilities for someone else's mistakes just because we have a VM factory here?

I long for the day when Not-So-Great Britain will cease to exist, now that is slowly morphing it's society into a middle-eastern third-world islamic society, with sharia law... good luck with that!
When the morphing is complete, don't seek refuge in the Algarve, or anywhere else in the Iberian peninsula, because clearly, this place is beneath your arrogant snob personalities!
You people clearly favor the barbarians, so live with them!
0 #2 liveaboard 2015-10-16 20:14
We hear a lot about the recalls to fix the problem; but nothing about what the results of the fix are likely to be.
They put in the defeat device for a reason; performance.
The gap between permissible and actual emissions are huge [in some cars at least]. It won't be a subtle little change when they reduce the emissions to a legal level.
After the 'fix' the cars are probably going to be quite downgraded. They'll run like excrement.
There is a lot of anger still to come; people say they care about the environment, but they really do care about their cars.
+2 #1 Maxwell 2015-10-16 11:07
It is important the VW slash the investment that had been 'intended' as Portugal's. As a warning to the other Graeco-Romans.

Portugal has shown nothing but disloyalty to VW in first denying that this country has any connection with VW at all. "VW - who are they?" Then much later grudgingly admitting that "Yes, OK we do have a small manufacturing plant somewhere in Portugal. But it is very small; not sure where it is, you won't find it marked on any map .... so why are you asking?"

Now the story has shifted to please "Mr VW - we were only saving face. Its a routine here and nothing to do with reality. Actually we really do like VW - whether or not they are dodgy. Dodgier the better, I say. Will sell like hot cakes in Portugal".

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