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Toddler twins' early morning walk lands Faro parents in trouble - again

toddlerhandsTwo 3-year-old children walked 500 metres from their Faro home to a playground while their mother slept.

The brothers have been removed from their parents who already were under surveillance for neglect.

The twins were found in the playground in the early hours of Thursday morning and according to the lad who found them at 02:00hrs, they were wearing pajamas and walking barefoot.

After taking then home, the boy called the authorities and the PSP and the Commission of Child and Youth Protection sprung into action despite the early hour.

Child protection officer Nídia Cavaco said the family already was under surveillance by the authorities for a less serious instance of negligence.

This time, the mother was asleep and had no idea her twins had gone to a park half a kilometre from home. It was their father on returning from work that realised they were missing.

When the twins were 18-months-old  they were removed from their neglectful parents for six months. This time they will be handed back only if and when the authorities are convinced the parents are going to act like parents.

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