Faro airport rent-a-car fire, 27 vehicles written-off

fireA fire at a rent-a-car depot near Faro airport has destroyed 27 cars and caused damage to many nearby vehicles, according to the police.

Emergency services were alerted at 02:51 and vehicles from the fire service in Faro and Loulé soon were on the scene as was the GNR.

The Luzcar depot in Montenegro was a scene of chaos as car after car was consumed by flames.

Whether the fire was set deliberately or not remains to be seen but these car storage areas are frequently broken into and cars damaged in the poorly lit areas. The judicial police are investigating.

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0 #1 Daphne 2015-12-15 12:25
The owner seems to think it was petrol thieves ... a problem when expecting the previous client to return the car with a full tank.

Given the value of the vehicles it seems odd he doesn't have a few free ranging guard dogs or at least no one mentioned them on TV. Although the pro's would, sadly, take these out of the game with pepper spray.

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