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Algarve tourism's magic bus returns with good results

tourismThe president of Algarve Tourism, the omnipresent Desiderio Silva, professed himself chuffed to bits with the results obtained by his Andalician, Galician and northern Portuguese roadshow ‘Enchanting Algarve' and said that this exercise would be repeated next year.

The magic bus returned home last week after its 2,000 kilometre round trip which transported the essence of the Algarve to Spanish tour operators and travel agencies, and home grown ones in Oporto and the north.


The initiative was aimed at industry professionals and used the old ‘workshop plus huge dinner’ format to enable participating Algarve based tourism managers and hoteliers to mingle with travel agents and tour operators and present their services.

"Judging by the reaction of the participants from the Algarve I can say that the business outlook for the New Year and for 2014 is good. The goal to attract new business has clearly been achieved and we have promoted the region as well," said Desiderio Silva, adding that this positive result will lead further roadshows plus large dinners being included in next year’s promotional budget.

Representatives from 27 Algarve companies attended the workshops and dinners, representing more than 100 tourism businesses, and every one of them signed up new business for the 2014 season.
"We can not forget that these professionals will sell Algarve holiday packages to their local clients, which in the case of Galicia represents a market of approximately 2.7 million people," says Desiderio Silva.

The 2013 'roadshow' went to Oporto, La Coruña, Vigo and Aveiro after spending time in Seville, Granada and Madrid.

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