Dozens of MPs are just in it for themselves, says Portugal's presidential hopeful

moraisPaulo de Morais claims that the State Budget is the greatest source of corruption in Portugal

Morais is on the campaign trail to become the next President of the republic of Portugal on a stern anti-corruption ticket and has a habit of pointing out facts that are so obvious that they are too big to comprehend.

Morais’ says that the State Budget has been the main instrument of corruption in Portugal and he compared it to a manger which feeds select businesses and individuals.

"The Portuguese are buffeted with taxes and companies are martyred with a huge tax burden just to feed a state budget which then becomes a huge manger to feed certain economic groups," said Morais, during a visit to Lagos council.

The presidential candidate assured us that if he elected as President he would require the Government to present a State Budget that was "completely different to those of the last twenty years."

"If I am elected, the budget will no longer have IMI exemptions for real estate funds, there will be no further charges for school books for basic education - there is a range of privileges listed in the state budget which has to end," said Morais.

Paulo de Morais considers it as essential to fight the endemic corruption in Portugal which he calls the biggest single problem in society with the privileges enjoyed some economic groups through the State Budget resulting from the "corrupt and complicit collaboration" from members of the political class.

In summary, Morais is saying that politicians are using the State Budget to hand out contracts to their friends, as can be seen with the Lena Group and the former PM José Sócrates.

In parliament there are "dozens of MPs whose main activity is to do business in the name of certain economic groups and therefore, violate their mandate.

"It was corruption that brought us to the economic crisis. More than 20% of public debt comes from cases of corruption, which I have enumerated and systematically denounced," concluded Morais.

The presidential candidate did add one thing about the vote for the next President later this month - the greatest threat "is abstention."

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-3 #4 dw 2016-01-11 10:43
Quoting Malcolm.H:
As increasingly pointed out - it is genetic and all levels of society are doing it.

Yes, your racist comments do seem to be increasing in frequency. The idea that corruption is uniquely
Portuguese is ludicrous.
-1 #3 Malcolm.H 2016-01-11 09:32
Not sure what the RAF's 'Chocks Away' has to do with Charly's post but otherwise it covers the main point. That nothing of the 'essential corruption' (the its my right due to my position and importance - or just because I can get away with it) can or will change. Just cosmetic tinkering that allows the deviants to continue their anti-EU deviancy.

As increasingly pointed out - it is genetic and all levels of society are doing it. Portugal has not in 30 years changed for the better so we cannot expect anything substantial in 300 more years.
-1 #2 Peter Booker 2016-01-11 08:41
I see that the MPs of the Podemos Party in Spain have decided to limit their expense claims and to take a salary which is linked to the average wage in the country. This start is a good one, and is reflected in the Morais campaign. I hope that he learns from their initiative, and that he is elected.
+4 #1 charly 2016-01-10 18:33
Is there somebody "surprised" or "choqued" or "frustrated" or "worried" over this matter ? Don't think so as "it is as obvious as the Portugese governement itself" ! Poor Portugal.

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