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Faro bomb hoaxer caught and arrested

tapThe man who phoned Faro airport to say there was a bomb onboard a TAP flight to Lisbon this morning has been arrested.

The Judicial Police announced today that originator of the hoax bomb alert has been arrested, questioned, accused and released subject to his turning up at the local police station regularly and not travelling abroad.

In a short statement, the National Directorate of the Judicial Police announced that its officers had identified the man who had phoned with the news that an explosive device on board.

The hoax call left 38 passengers and six TAP crew waiting for four hours back in the terminal as a specialist team boarded the Airbus A319 and carried out a search, later declaring it bomb-free.

The hoaxer was tracked as police easily traced his phone call.

The TAP flight to Lisbon should have left at 6.05am but the passengers boarded another flight at 11.20.

Faro Airport was on Orange alert for three hours but other flights were not affected in a well executed operation.

The man was reported to be "35-years-old, single and retired," has mental 'issues' and was questioned for three hours before being released.

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-5 #3 Verjini 2016-02-03 11:09
Also fail to understand why TAP isn't given a relieved farewell - unless...
Nationality of hoaxer?
-3 #2 Ed 2016-02-03 09:01
Quoting Peter Booker:

An Airbus with 36 passengers? Does not sound worthwhile to me. They would be better on the train.

I too though the revelation of TAP's passenger tally was on the embarrassingly low side. This Airbus has seats for over 150 passenger. Hardly an economic route for TAP/Gateway to be running. Why on earth does the State want this airline back in public control? The basic return fair for that flight, returning in the evening is a whopping €310 euros for a non-refundable ticket. An Executive class return is €384. By indirect comparison, a return from Faro to Oporto is €110 on Ryanair.
-2 #1 Peter Booker 2016-02-03 08:56
Well, is that not just splendid? But when an idiot like this suggests that the aircraft has been bombed, he is also saying that he evaded airport security and approached the machine, entered it, placed the bomb and then got away again without being detected by the security arrangements. Is ground security at Faro Airport so bad that he could achieve all this without detection?

An Airbus with 36 passengers? Does not sound worthwhile to me. They would be better on the train.

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