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GNR to mount last phase of holiday traffic operation this weekend

gnrstopThe GNR is to run the last phase of Operation Hermes from Friday to Sunday with additional patrols and ‘support for holidaymakers’ on main roads.

The operation is intended to ensure safety on the main exit routes from popular vacation spots as the end of the summer holidays sees thousands returning from the Algarve to all points north and east.

Motorists are advised to consult all traffic information possible before setting off, such as SOS Trânsito on 808 201 855, and on the official GNR Facebook site, www.facebook.com/GuardaNacionalRepublicana.

During the first phase of the operation, which took place on the first weekend of July, seven people died as a result of car crashes, four more than in the same period in 2015. There were 25 seriously injured and 170 people suffering minor injuries in 530 accidents (21 fewer than the same weekend in 2015.

In the second phase, from 15 to 17 July, the GNR recorded 620 accidents, two deaths and 18 serious injuries.

In the third phase of the operation, the first weekend of August, the GNR registered four deaths, the same number as last year, 631 accidents (60 fewer), resulting in 13 serious injuries and 251 minor injuries.

In the fourth phase, which ran from 12 to 15 August, the GNR recorded three deaths, down from six and 926 accidents with 26 seriously injured.

The fifth and final phase of the operation closes on Sunday and travellers this weekend can expect a massive volume of vehicles on the roads after the busiest August holiday periods for at least ten years.

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