Lagos anti-oil conference includes top climate change scientists

oilgungeThe Terras do Infante association of western Algarve municipalities, now led by the impressive figure of Aljezur’s recently disgraced mayor, José Amarelinho, is hosting an anti-oil conference on June 29th, with free entry for those interested.

'The well nobody wants!' is 'another form of struggle, reiterating the total opposition to the exploration and extraction of oil in the Algarve, in particular to the announced test well in the sea bed off Aljezur,' according to the publicity.

The conference will take place at Lagos Council’s auditorium, starting at 5:00 p.m.

The panel will include the local mayor and the Board of Terras do Infante plus Pedro Matos Soares and João Camargo, both from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon.

Pedro Matos Soares is a Principal Investigator at the Dom Luiz Institute (IDL) and Guest Professor at the Department of Geographic Engineering, Geophysics and Energy.

In the last decade, Soares has focused his research on climate modeling and climate change, currently leading the research group, ‘Climate change, processes in the atmosphere-ocean-land and extremes.’

João Camargo holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering and a PhD in Climate Change and Sustainable Development at the University of Lisbon. He was Professor of Chemistry and Botany at the Lúrio University in Mozambique, and worked from 2011 to 2015 in the League for the Protection of Nature. He also is a key member of the Climáximo movement.

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0 #1 Jack Reacher 2018-06-24 09:12
Must be a mind numbingly boring research scientific area of study..given neither thenshort term clinate or global temps have changed. Surely there are more pressuring areas of study that are far more damaging and way more fixable than climatology.

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