Oil & Gas - ASMAA challenges court decision - amendment requested

OilReferendumSMALLOn April 8, ASMAA received a copy of the court award, which we challenged on 12 April, but a few things become quite clear, wites Laurinda Seabra, ASMAA's leader:

The contracts were extended more than once in the past few years.

There were negotiations ongoing between the government and the concessionaries Galp/ENI right up to the middle of February 2019 (meaning that these negotiations were taking place past the official termination date of 31 January 2019)

That ASMAA’s injunction played a serious role in stopping any further extensions to existing contracts. Yes! All oil and gas exploration contracts in Algarve have now officially been terminated, but concession areas available for future contracts remain.

During the entire legal process many challenges were faced, many lessons learned. (On both sides of the table)

We still DO NOT have clarification on the following factors: What where the trade-offs negotiated between the government and the consortium Galp/ENI? Because we have no doubts that there were trade-offs agreed to behind closed doors.

What is very clear is that the alleged stop of oil and gas drilling projects, is only of a short duration. In support of this assumption, we refer you to a comment made by the Minister of Environment on air on 3 April this year and I quote verbatim “ There’s not going to be oil exploration in Algarve in the very near future” … meaning its only TEMPORARY!

But the facts remain - ASMAA efforts over 8 long years, successfully prevented offshore and onshore drilling from taking place in the Algarve. ASMAA was the driving force that woke-up the Algarve since 2011 to the risk of fossil fuels, motivated the creation of many community groups to join the fight, and through its campaigns raised awareness across Portugal mainland and the islands of Açores and Madeira.

The benefits for the local communities and its investors, is that property prices not only were maintained, but some value increased. Tourism businesses continued to benefit from the oil and gas drilling embargos. Local economy benefited from our work.

You and your family benefited from all our efforts to date, although the support from the majority that has directly benefited until now, has been non-existent. Leaving the cost of your benefits in the hands of a few caring individuals.

Isn’t time you also supports this cause financially?

So far we have spent far in excess of 30,000€ to date (we still do not have final figures of total costs), but we still have accounts to pay … and more accounts on its way. It’s a nightmare week after week, to meet the costs of protecting your own assets, your own livelihoods.

We are so grateful for the small group of donors that keep on assisting with what they can to help us fight on behalf of all of you. They deserved a major thank you from everyone.

But as usual our funds are once again seriously depleted … and we have once again missed some of our payment deadlines … not a very nice position to be in. It’s extremely demoralizing to have to ask, so often for support to help us cover all the costs of this campaign.

STOP and think how you have directly benefited from our work. If you want to ensure that we continue to support and fight for you and your family to prevent the exploration of fossil fuels. Please be generous.

DONATE NOW 25€, 50€, 100€ or whatever amount you want to donate. We will be grateful.

You can donate via PayPal (including credit card payments): info@asmaa-algarve.org or through the donate button on our website: http://asmaa-algarve.org/en/donate

Or via Bank Transfer (EFT)

ASMAA Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association

IBAN: PT50 0018 0008 02686698020 51


If you do not live in the Algarve or can’t collect at our shop, we will post or courier smaller items that you purchase. Big items such as furniture we can only deliver in the Algarve area.

Here’s a short intro video about our shop in Portimão with legends in Portuguese: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SShtYzT4GUE

You can read more about our shop on this link too: http://gateway2algarve.com/providers/retail/charity-shops/40-asmaa-charity-and-up-cycling-shop

We invite you to join ASMAA’s Charity Facebook Group to see what is on offer at any given time. https://www.facebook.com/groups/asmaacharityshop/

Thank you, and Please DO NOT FORGET to donate.

The ASMAA Team

See '"Oil prospecting in the Algarve over," says Environment Minister' :

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