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Oil exploration licenses issued on land across the Algarve

oilpricesThe Algarve’s anti-oil exploration platform has launched a petition to ensure the controversial topic is discussed in parliament now that exploration licenses have been issued that allow exploration on land as well as off the Algarve's coastline.

The PALP platform, made up of the regions eco and nature organisations, said the new petition was launched on August 5th and it aims to gather the 4,000 signatures necessary for the subject to receive debating time in Portugal’s assembly.

The intention is to "prevent the exploitation for oil and natural gas in the Algarve region," read a statement from the movement.

The petition can be signed online or a form filled in and PALP said it us starting to collect signatures from residents and tourists using the Algarve’s beaches.

"Now that civil servants have released details of the hydrocarbon exploration concession contracts for the Algarve and Portugal’s west coast, PALP is alerting the public as to the need to scrutinise these deals as they are potentially ruinous for the Portuguese State and for the Algarve region," read today’s statement.

According to the platform, tourism in the Algarve "is at risk" and it will be local people and the region generally that will suffer "the potential economic, social and environmental damage."

The Plataforma Algarve Livre de Petróleo (PALP) warns also that the exploration licenses have been extended and extensive exploration areas on land across the Algarve already have been granted.

"The official map that highlights the licensed zones allows us to say that exploration is planned not only at sea but also over a good part of the interior of the Algarve region’s land."

Given this scenario, PALP want to call on various politicians and the public and private sector "to mobilise in order to stop the oil and gas exploration in the Algarve territory."




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+2 #1 Joao Martins 2015-08-11 13:26
An oil rig on the beach, now that's a Kodak moment.

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