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UPDATE - "Destination Algarve - Tourism VS Oil" debate - Portimão, Friday 13th May with interpretation to English

oilrigTwo current subjects of deep concern to will be discussed in Faro and Portimão on Friday 13th of May by the Euro MPs José Inácio Faria and Caroline Bearder.

The first session is on the oil and gas exploration concessions on the Algarve’s land, including the likelihood of fracking, and under the region’s offshore waters.

This first session "Tourism vs Oil" will be at 11.00am in Portimão at the Auditorio do Museu and will gauge the level of public feeling for and against the Portuguese governments plans to turn the region into an oil or gas producing area.


The ‘Tourism vs Oil' debate will be held in Portuguese with interpretation to English and the Brexit debate will be held in English.





Auditório do Museu de Portimão, 13 de Maio de 2016, 11h00


The MEP for the Portugal’s Earth Party, José Inácio Faria invites you to attend on May 13, 2016 the debate

"Destination Algarve - Tourism VS Oil" in Portimão Museum Auditorium.


This initiative, which will also feature the presence of the English MEP Catherine Bearder, will bring together representatives of NGOs, civil society associations, business associations, regulatory bodies and representatives of the oil industry, to debate "serious and seriously," without prejudices or taboos and with the participation of all - the question of oil extraction in the Algarve coast and its consequences, positive and negative, for the economy, the environment and populations.


Very we would like to count on your presence and participation in the sense of an open and informative debate.



Brexit debate - Faro

The 17.00pm session in Faro town hall will be a discussion on the UK's forthcoming vote in EU membership and the effects of a Brexit on Portugal’s expat community.

The plan is for a full and frank discussion at each venue so that the MEPs can take views back to Brussels. “The idea really is raise awareness and get feedback”, Faria said.

The Brexit referendum will include coverage of the '15 year' rule which excludes many expats from voting on the Europe issue in the coming June Referendum.

The recent upholding of the government’s stance that the 15 year rule will still apply when the Referendum is held was confirmed in the High Court last week but leave to appeal has been granted.

See http://www.algarvedailynews.com/news/8694-brits-in-eu-brexit-vote-challenge-granted-leave-to-appeal


Salão Nobre dos Paços in the Faro Council building
Friday, 13 May 2016
Opens 16.45 - 17.00
17.00 - 17.10
Welcome – Presidente da Faro Council – Rogério Bacalhau (tbc)
17.10 - 17.30
17.30 - 17.50 José Inácio Faria, MEP Partido da Terra - MPT (Portugal)
Catherine Bearder, MEP Liberal Democrats (UK)
Coffee break
Public participation and debate
18.00 - 19.00 Questions and answers – Moderated by the journalist Frederico Duarte Carvalho
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0 #13 Denzil 2016-05-09 10:57
The Brexit argument hinges on the UK being 'significantly different' to countries like Portugal. The differences are legion and after two generations of Portuguese non progress - still insurmountable. Which in so many ways 'unfairly' holds the British back in countries like Portugal.

Consider today's example - the UK Police going back to Greece to search for Ben Needham. Now missing 25 years. If a child is missing in the UK (or something equally significant) it is normal for the relatives and police to publicly appeal in the press and TV as here ..... "We believe someone on Kos does know something - and if they do please come forward. It doesn't matter how insignificant they think it is - if they have information let the police know."


How many more generations of Portuguese must live and die before anything similar can happen here?
+2 #12 Peter Booker 2016-05-09 08:29
Well, this is good news. MEPs actually talking to voters? I cannot remember this ever happening before, even when I was in Britain. MEPs are pretty low down on the scale when it comes to decision making, but this visit may indicate that the EU is beginning to realise that its remoteness puts people off; and that the EU must make more effort to engage with the common or garden voter.
+6 #11 maria pons 2016-05-08 21:05
I fully share the complaints on how the entrenched bureaucracy RULES, making any good intentioned resident despair and feel like non-existent...I am Portuguese, I have lived away from Portugal, but now I am here to stay and I feel just as frustrated as you do. What or how could we do something about it?
+1 #10 Chip 2016-05-08 10:26
A debate on Brexit between two MEPs.

That will be balanced and unbiased, eh?

Peru! Natal!
+3 #9 Christian 2016-05-08 09:10
Ah yes, evil foreigners like us forcing our green ideology on the poor 'indios' of the Algarve! We even managed to brainwash the 16 Presidentes da Camara, the major business associations and, well, several thousands of those 'indios' (the term used by the ex-minister of the environment, Jorge Moreira da Silva). And as for the economic benefits of oil and gas exploration, wouldn't it be nice if the Algarvios could be all as rich as the Angolan and Nigerian people...
+6 #8 Dennis.P 2016-05-04 12:00
Excellent news ! This is precisely what needs airing ! That Portugal was never capable of allowing EU foreigners to be economically active here. Which defeats any reason for this country to be in the EU. The EU was never intended to be for just finding somewhere else to die / retire.

We shall be there and will stress many of the routine complaints of many expats. Such as a total absence of a 'Duty of Care' by professional Portuguese to their clients. So many from the UK complain that they were failed, not just by one professional such as their lawyer but a whole team of 'professionals' were in on the scam.

Just altering your property legally takes up to 10 licences - each one involving a professional. Lawyer. Municipal officer. Architects. Builders. Attempting a business as well brings in regional ministries.

None ever making any attempt to warn the EU foreigner that they have no chance. It is all just a wind up and you should "Pick up what is left of your money and go Home !" It takes courage as, we now know, it goes against the Pink Map Ideology taught here ...

So we shall be asking what change is possible here ?
+9 #7 Poor Portugésa 2016-05-04 11:08
MANY of us welcome ex-pats' efforts on OUR behalf, from whichever fellow EU country, especially the UK.

OUR Algarve economy and environment are under constant attack by our OWN citizens and we need as much power to resist as we can muster from wherever, particularly EU ex-pats, many of whom wish to stay in, with us.

Keep up the good works and OBRIGADA!
+9 #6 Teddy 2016-05-04 10:26
Quoting Mike Towl:
What on earth gives "Estrangeiros" such as "Val & Bill" the right to campaign one way or the other over hydrocarbon exploration in Portugal.

They live here and have as much right as any European resident to comment and protest as they see fit - it's called the European Union, a fact ignored by many.
+7 #5 Piers 2016-05-04 08:44
Quoting Mike Towl:
What on earth gives "Estrangeiros" such as "Val & Bill" the right to campaign one way or the other over hydrocarbon exploration in Portugal. .
The same right as you have to remain pro-oil. Algarve tourism is worth 5-6 billion to the country, why disrupt it?
-13 #4 Mike Towl 2016-05-04 07:06
What on earth gives "Estrangeiros" such as "Val & Bill" the right to campaign one way or the other over hydrocarbon exploration in Portugal. What right, or expertise in these matters, do they have to either support or de-cry the creation of a high tech, high profit, high salaried industry? What right do foreigners have to, do all they can to deny the chance of a step forward in prospective prosperity for younger Portuguese. No doubt they are, like me, living a comfortable retirement in this country, financed by generous pensions and investment never available to the Portuguese. What sort of retirement provisions to hotel workers get I wonder? How much cash is left over from their minimum wage level salaries to invest in an ISA? We all know Portugal is many years behind the Northern European nations, "Val & Bill" and their like should perhaps think what they could do to help advance the youth of this country instead of hamstringing it. As ex-pats we should keep or noses out of their business and get on with what we came here to do. The last thing the Portuguese need in their current predicament is fatuous advice from we pensioners, regardless of how many years we toiled in the Hydrocarbon industry just to arrive here.

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