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Operation Grange extended in 'last throw of the dice' for Madeleine McCann

madeleine2Just as the Scotland Yard was preparing to wind up Operation Grange and the search for Madeleine McCann, a new injection of funds has been made available so the team of detectives can pursue a new lead backing up the theory that Madeleine was kidnapped by a gang of traffickers.

Madeline’s disappearance in 2007 led to high profile searches involving Portuguese police and a team from Scotland Yard whose dedicated officers have come up with zero in terms of clues, evidence and viable leads, perhaps until now.

The additional funding has been allocated to the Metropolitan Police to pursue a line on inquiry that suggests that the British girl was kidnapped by ‘European traffickers.’

The new development is being referred to by senior police as the 'last throw of the dice' in an inquiry that has produced theory after theory, accusation after accusation, missing funds, books, court cases but no evidence.  

This new lead, about which Scotland Yard is being super-cagey, is being treated with the utmost importance.

Met Police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe announced in May this year that Operation Grange would come to an end after one last line of inquiry was looked into.  At the time, the then-Home Secretary Theresa May granted the team £95,000 to keep the investigation going.

Government now has released sufficient further funds for the already scaled down Operation Grange to run until April 2017, and the hope is, as ever, that Madeline is alive if abducted from the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, rather than murdered. If she is alive, Madeline is 13-years-old.

New theories fed to the media by ‘sources close to the case' include the assertion that a gang of spotters was operating in the Praia da Luz in May 2007, looking for children and taking photos of them on the beach.

The truth is that the new line of inquiry is a last ditch attempt and until the police report their findings, speculation is all that the press have to feed on.

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0 #6 Forbes 2016-12-06 09:24
The McCann's are two sick individuals and we may never know what happened to their daughter except that they thought it reasonable to drug her and her siblings so that they could go out on the town. A criminal offence in the UK and in Portugal, so why were they not charged?
+4 #5 nogin the nog. 2016-12-05 18:06
First we seem to have what is at best child neglect or abandonment. With no formal charges brought against the parents. Very strange indeed. Secondly the police don't appear to have a clue what happened, or at least have not been able to find sustainable leads in tracking down this little girl.
It seems to be playing out like the perfect crime or cover up.. Either way as a parent myself. It is my duty to protect my child from known or unknown dangers to the best of my ability at all times..
-2 #4 Margaridaana 2016-12-05 13:40
This case is a travesty. The highly trained sniffer dogs found blood traces in the McCann's apartment, but GM just laughed this off. KM refused to answer 40 police questions put to her. Read Tony Bennet's book' What Really happened to Madeleine McCann'- 60 Reasons to suggest she was not abducted', and yes, there were a lot of road works going on in the area at the time, particularly near the church in Luz, which, from what we read in the press, is very close to KM's heart! It would seem the McCanns have friends in high places.
+1 #3 Chip 2016-12-05 11:08
More taxpayers' money being thrown at this case despite thousands of other Brits going missing - one every day in London.

But I guess we can look forward to armies of policemen relaxing in the restaurants of Praia da Luz again over the coming months, whilst the parents use their time trying to screw compensation from Goncalo.
+2 #2 MiguelJavali 2016-12-05 09:35
Not sure I agree with Mr Birch but the child is almost certainly buried somewhere in Luz. There were a lot of road works going on there at the time of the so called 'disappearance'.
-5 #1 Stephen Donald Birch 2016-12-04 17:14
Meanwhile the remains of Madeleine McCann have laid buried under the Murat rear "gravel" driveway which was build over her in early 2008, for coming on to 10 years ! This despite the fact that her remains under the Murat driveway, made World Headlines in 2012...

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