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Probe into McCann abusers

scotlandyardBritain’s Metropolitan police are examining an 80-page dossier of abusive messages sent in the last few years to Gerry and Kate McCann.

Internet “trolls”, people who post inflammatory or disruptive messages online, have wished them ill in Tweets, Facebook posts, and other online fora. Most of the armchair detectives have chosen anonymity.

The investigation could lead to prosecutions, and officers are in talks with the Crown Prosecution Service.

Members of the public, who believe the McCanns be not be victimised in this manner, put the dossier together. They called on prosecutors to use the Malicious Communications Act of 2003 which bans threats of violence online.

Among the messages are suggestions that Madeleine’s parents should be tortured, suffer for the rest of “their miserable lives”, be killed and burn in hell.

One such: “These 2 should burn in hell”; “I will supply the petrol”; “I’ll supply the lighter – happily”.

Other abusive messages have included “I hope the McCanns are living in total misery,” and “I want to see them smashed up the back of a bus or trampled by horses”.

Manipulated images depict the McCanns behind bars or surrounded by piles of cash.

It is believed that other abuse has been directed at Madeleine’s nine-year-old twin siblings.

Other tactics include attempts to complain about the couple through Freedom of Information requests, flooding the BBC Crimewatch show message board and Facebook pages. Anthony Summers, the author of a recent book that argues the McCanns are innocent, has also been targeted.

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0 #4 Desmond 2014-10-03 16:02
Far too little is known by most British about Portugals weird 'take' on world history and the important but wholly negative role the British have been allocated - unknown to themselves. As Elsa says - ..'malignant hateful education'.

This is what has so skewed any reasonable public discussion of the McCann 'investigation' and how the British Police so obviously differ; not least in asking for help!

Or indeed any discussion of the abysmal treatment of the vast majority of British here in Portugal who are totally misled into thinking we are arriving in a developed country which actually has some 'historical gratitude towards us'.

This repetitive nonsense that the Met should be busy investigating other crime just shows - as Elsa points out - how 'principle' is entirely beyond most Portugee's comprehension.

Most genuine British still join with the parents in hoping this young girl will be finally found safe and well.
+1 #3 chez 2014-10-03 09:19
Whilst I deplore any form of anonymous abuse, I do think it is time that this McCann saga was ended and the Metropolitan police use their resources for fighting real crime. A commentator on Sky news yesterday said the McCann's "Did nothing wrong", when in fact had they not abandoned their children, Madeleine would still be with them.
+1 #2 RCK 2014-10-03 09:06
Whatever you may think about the McCann situation, there is on the one hand, having an opinion and voicing it in a dignified manner, and on the other hand, being truly nasty. This article is an interesting snapshot of human nature at it's absolute worst. Shame on you trolls and may justice be done. These people are a blight on our society
+1 #1 Elsa 2014-10-02 22:10
The malignant hateful 'education' Portuguese grow up with - that largely blames the UK for everything in the last 200 years - equips these people well for a life of envy and frustration as losers.

The 'feelthy english book' of last month just confirms these people should never have been allowed into the EU. It is for developed and developing countries - not these retards !

It is well past time that the Portuguese internet trolls that so hounded the McCanns over the years are punished. Kicked out of the UK for a start and then prosecuted in Portugal.

We have seen so many examples both here and in the UK. Horrendous ...

Seizing the parents houses as security for unpaid fines etc. As the parents brought the child into this world so are responsible for his or her actions

Blaming Salazars crop experiments is not enough !!!

These 'low lifes' must take responsibility for their idiocies!

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