Public meeting to discuss the modernisation of Olhão's historic centre

Meeting concerning the Public discussion of the historic zone of OlhãoA public meeting has been arranged at which the council's plans for Olhão's historic zone will be explained by local (non-council) experts and will be open for discussion with the public.

All are invited for 6pm Friday 11th November to the ‘Sociedade Recreativa Progresso Olhanense,’ 69 Avenida da República, between Olhão's Post Office and its Court building.

The plans, as they stand, involve the removal of much of the beautiful and historically important calçada paving in the historic zone of Olhão, the continuation of inappropriate lighting and seating choices, the building of a 20-metre viewing tower in a quality residential area, the construction of a modern cultural centre instead of reopening the much-loved Recreativa in Avenida da Republica, and the restriction of car access to many residential areas.  

To read details about the meeting concerning the Public discussion of the historic zone of Olhão CLICK HERE.

The detailed plans are available on this link:

then click on 'Consulta Pública - peças desenhadas' for the drawings.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, there is a form that can be printed off (see below), completed, emailed or handed in at (or posted to) the council offices:

Presidente Sr António Pina

CM Olhão

Largo Sebastião Martins Mestre

Olhão 8700-349


CLICK HERE to print a blank 'comments and opinions' form which then should be completed with your comments in Portuguese

If you are not Portuguese, add your Residencia number or Passport number in the 'BI/CARTÃO CIDADÃO' field.

  • If you are not fluent in written Portuguese, CLICK HERE for a form already filled in with the key points, just add your name and ID and deliver, post or email as above.


 The Portuguese text translated into English, reads:


"This is not the correct planning instrument for changes to the Historic Centre of Olhao.  It does not take into consideration the Camara’s existing definition and restrictions within the Historic Centre to protect the city’s Patrimonio.

In addition, I object to the following changes to the Historic Centre.

1.        The removal of much of the historically important and traditional, patterned Calçada

2.        The installation of inappropriate modern lighting and seating, etc.

3.        The demolition of architecturally noteworthy buildings opposite the Camara to be replaced by a modern 20-metre-high viewing tower in a prime residential area.

4.        Building a large new cultural centre at the edge of town, instead of reinstating the much-loved Recreativa building in the Av. da Republica."


For background, see: 'Plans to modernise ​​Olhão's city centre released for public comment'

To see the architect Baixa Atelier's website, demonstrating its specialism in modern buildings and lack of experience in historic builings, see





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