Volunteers collect 6 tonnes of rubbish from the Ria Formosa

fridgeMore than six tons of rubbish, including refrigerators, bicycles, motors and plastic has been collected in the now annual environmental initiative covering five locations in the Ria Formosa.

Miguel Pelica from Faro council, which again coordinated the collection, considered the operation as worthwhile as the rubbish has now gone, there is a better chance of the areas receiving Blue Flags status for pristine beaches and the participation of students as volunteers helps their environmental education."

Pelica said that "750 volunteers participated in the action, 200 of them being students, who found all kinds of rubbish, such as domestic refrigerators as well as the build up of plastics.”

The initiative has completed its 9th annual clear-up and is now seen locally as the leading environmental activity organised by Faro council.

Miguel Pelica stressed that this work "is only possible with the cooperation of volunteers and private partners, including the maritime tourism companies which operate in the estuary and who transport volunteers and rubbish free of charge.”

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