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Faro-Olhão water treatment plant to go ahead

waterÁguas do Algarve has decided to open the process for the design and construction of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant to serve the citizens of Faro and Olhão in a €13.5 million project, according to Olhão council.

In a statement, the mayor of Olhão, António Miguel Pina, welcomes the decision which he considers "a victory for the local authority and an excellent present for Olhão."

"Águas do Algarve's decision is a major victory for the municipality of Olhão which for several years has been asking for this work, without success," added Pina, an Águas do Algarve's board member.

Since the downgrading of the shellfish nurseries due to increasingly poor water quality, the municipality said that the council "also had the support of the nurseries and shellfish industries to intensify this fight," to which António Pina added his appreciation.

The new treatment plant will start to alleviate the water quality problems suffered by the shellfishing industry which, along with the long awaited dredging will serve to improve the Ria Formosa waters.

Despite the process going ahead, Águas do Algarve remains cautious in giving deadlines for the end of the work.

"This is a complicated process, given the size of this project.” said Teresa Fernandes from the water company, adding "if all goes well, we should be able to award the work in 2016. Then it will take about two years of work.”

In the meantime the Ria Formosa will continue to receive sewage overflow and the summer stink will continue to leave lasting olfactory memories for tourists lured to the delights of Faro and Olhão.

Meanwhile the outflow of raw sewage from a large pipe near the ferry terminal entrance keeps the seagulls and fish entertained.

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-3 #4 Desmond 2014-12-26 18:50
It does seem odd that many millions can be spent on 'frivolous' projects in Portugal like motor race tracks as discussed elsewhere .... and nearly 30 years after joining the EU there is still contaminated water running into the shellfishing waters and therefore into the food chain off the Algarve coast.

To clean the water - a project, if tightly managed, of 'just' a couple of million at most.
-3 #3 Ed 2014-12-25 12:51
This does look like reannouncing a previously announced announcement with added bells and whistles. Aguas do Algarve is paying for this plant and nothing has been suggested that will speed up a reluctant Isabel Soares despite the fact that the current dumping of a sewage and chemical soup into the Ria Formosa breaks so many environmental laws it is hard to understand why AdA has not been prosecuted. AdA also want to take over Olhao's water systems, this happy news of new plant somehow will be linked...
See also
-3 #2 Edward Montague 2014-12-25 10:33
Observers of Municipal antics will have spotted that the project planning documents needed to secure funding to Faro's new multi million euro water treatment system

... will have travelled over the desk of their ex. Municipal President Macário Correia.

Now Chief of Algar the Algarve Water treatment organisation and surely wanting a 'consultancy fee'.

Loures and Odivelas water treatment project just now going to tender.

So - get your brown envelopes out now and start stuffing them. (No not you .. British chappy. Are you just off the ferry ??? No chance)

-3 #1 Peter Booker 2014-12-25 09:43
A welcome first step in a necessary process, but why has it taken so long? And why is António Pina not concerned about the date when it will be completed and in use? We have heard talk of 2017, the beginning of which is now just over two years away. My bet is that silence over the date of the commissioning of the completed plant will be even further in the future.

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