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Ria Formosa island clearances 'to make way for luxury homes'

paulosaThe Algarve’s Paulo Sá, Communist Party MP, finally has stated that which others skillfully have avoided mentioning for fear of reprisals.

At a Ria Formosa islands residents’ association meeting in Faro the outspoken MP said that the demolition of 800 homes and the displacement of residents being carried out on government orders is in fact all a ruse to pave the way for future "top tourism investments" on the islands.

It has long been held locally that the islands are being stripped of their local communities not only to take the area back to nature but to later enable the construction of luxury homes and associated top grade tourism facilities.  

The communist MP headed a delegation which met residents of Culatra and Faro islands to gather information about the impact of the Government's decision to demolish homes in the 'maritime public domain' on the Ria Formosa islands.

Paulo Sá will now work with party colleagues and present findings and solutions at local council and parliamentary levels.

The MP said that there are ‘powerful economic interests’ at work behind the scenes which are intent on undermining the traditional economic activities in the Ria Formosa area which support the local island communities.

Paulo Sá regretted that out of all the activities listed for the Society Polis Ria Formosa to carry out, the Ministry of the Environment "has decided only to go ahead with the demolitions" and has "forgotten and abandoned" all the other measures that could have supported economic activities in the Ria Formosa such as dredging channels to improve navigation and shellfish production.

Sá refuted the Government argument that the demolitions only affect second homes, saying that he knew of cases of people being targeted whose homes are their only homes yet are due for demolition. This aside, the fact that Sá has accused the government of acting in concert with property developers is the sort of revelation that the Ministry and the Polis company have feared and swiftly will deny when the news becomes widely known.

"The issue must be addressed as a whole. Our position is that the existence of these communities is an historical reality, they use the islands for economic activity, as a space to support economic activity or as recreational space. This reality must be taken into account," said Sá, adding that "this is compatible with defending the environment and environmental values.”

Paulo Sá said that instead of destroying and demolishing property to renaturalise the islands the government should move towards upgrading the urban centers on the Ria Formosa islands and support and encourage economic activities related to the area.

On Culatra alone there are 90 people involved in shellfishing activities and 100 in coastal fishing. This is about 200 people and their families linked to fishing and shellfishing and these activities must be nurtured and supported.

Paulo Sá said that with the current clearances, the government is creating conditions for this type of traditional activity gradually to disappear so as to leave the field clear for developers of top-notch tourism projects, such as at Quinta do Lago.

There already are double standards over the use of the 'maritime dominion' rule as a justification for demolition with properties being authorised almost at the water's edge at Cabanas de Tavira, the building at Rua NªSª do Carmo, the Zona Ribeirinha da Fuzeta, and some of the up market properties at Quinta do Lago, and Ancão. In Fuseta a small fione was sufficient to allow developments to be registered.

If this is indeed has been the government's plan all along, and if the authorities have been using 'back to nature' as a way of clearing the inconvenient fishemen from the islands to make way for expensive island homes, this issue will rise from one of local concern to national disgrace.

A petition now has been launched on Avaaz:



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+1 #8 Donegalart 2015-11-22 09:37
Does anyone know what is being developed on the protected RIA Formosa west of Cabanas and in front of Hotel Gale Albacora. A couple of Jcb type diggers there and appear to be digging and moving some large telegraph type poles in by barge !
0 #7 Simon 2015-01-18 11:30
Let's make sure no new developments ever take place on the Islands! Politicians should be asked to agree this now and no ifs or buts! For the remaining fishing communities let them work to less poluting living.
-5 #6 Karel 2015-01-12 12:00
:lol: this is what Portugal is expert in: sheating, lieing,manipulating, steeling, corruption and all other ugly words that are in the dictionary ! And unfortunately this situating is now hopeless and there is no (more) resuce possible for the 10 milion flock of goats and sheep in this ruined country guided by their 50.000 super gladiators (or are it politicians ????) Portugal is indeed a shame for Europe and for humanity. But who cares...
-4 #5 Francis 2015-01-12 11:53
We can always tell a Portuguese 'diversion' to the discussion ... to involve 'oily Eurocrats'.

Let us stay with the obvious reality that Portugal is still not sufficiently developed to be in the European Union. That is the burden that the EU has created for itself.

It makes laws and, for now until the Germans take over, foolishly hands them down to these banana republics. With the expectation that these are marginally adapted for any local historical differences and then - whatever principle behind the law upheld - these are rapidly implemented. And enforced.

Alternately an EU member state makes a reasoned declaration to opt out. Which is clearly understood by all.

Portugal has only ever faffed about for 29 years with EU laws and regulations. No opt out of anything - just duck out.

Firstly delaying as long as possible any discussion. Then hashing together some gibberish that entirely avoids the original reason for the law. Then avoiding enforcing the law because it has so many holes you could drive a bus through.

So with this current issue - coastal development, riverbanks and the environment !
-2 #4 Peter Booker 2015-01-12 10:34
Pedro G must know that EU is pressing Portugal to make some money to pay back loans, and to clean up its economic act. Perhaps the oily bureaucrats in Brussels have their eyes on the next developments in Ria Formosa for their retirement homes. With the kind of pay-off received by stuffed-shirt Barroso, these oily-ocrats will be looking for somewhere to spend their loot, unencumbered by poor people.
+2 #3 Pedro G 2015-01-12 09:41
Paulo Sa and Miguel Freitas are ages late in their observations. The machines and men have started to knock down the buildings and only now do we hear calls for review and reassesment. Rumours of Big Real Estate plans for the islands are not new and, if proven to be true, will be the final nail in the state's credibility. Where too is the EU which knows this is going on and does nothing?
+3 #2 Peter Booker 2015-01-12 09:32
Well done, Sr Sá. Better late than never, I suppose. Where has he been for the last six months? Why emerge from the woodwork only after the demolition has begun? Will he publicly pose the question: will the government prohibit any new building on the sites vacated?

Has he any proof of what he says? I admit it sounds likely and would be par for the course for a Portuguese government to sell out to property developers. I suspect that if we were to have access to the history of coastal development in Florida, we might find a similar story.
+2 #1 Paul Buick 2015-01-12 06:40
An absolute national Portuguese disgrace!!!!!

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