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Mário Soares says Sócrates is innocent and will be acquitted

soaresAccording to Correio da Manhã today, in 2010 José Sócrates repatriated €25 million from UBS, through an account held by his friend Carlos Santos Silva.

Due to rumours of problems at the Espírito Santo Group, Sócrates decided in late 2013 to split this money and deposit it in six other banks: CGD, BCP, BPI, Deutsche Bank, Barclays and Montepio. This is what tripped him up.

These deposits generated alerts at the central bank and investigators swiftly launched ‘Operation Marquês.’ Caixa Géral informed the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Judicial Police who informed the state prosecutor, who opened an investigation.

State prosecutor Rosary Teixeira decided that the investigation would be undertaken by the Departamento Central de Investigação e Acção Penal (DCIAP.) It could have been delegated to the Judicial Police but for unknown reasons she decided against this.

DCIAP delegated to the Tax Authority which passed the case to its team in Braga, who made searches, watched the suspects and had permission to use phone taps. At the time of the arrests last week, the public security police were called in.

The €25 million had been transferred from overseas under the wonderfully cosy deal for those repatriating offshore deposits to Portugal.

Due tio the sums involved and the complexity of his financial affairs, investigators feared that José Sócrates might destroy key evidence and this argument was used to keep him in prison rather than let him go home under house arrest.

When the authorities accompanied Sócrates to his home last weekend they found hundreds of documents related to banking transactions, including statements and contracts. Some were at his home and others in a rented safe.

Socrates’ lawyer João Araújo was spotted at the Central Court of Criminal Investigation in Lisbon today and admitted that he has yet to visit his high profile client in Évora Prison.

Araújo said he would soon be dropping in, as “we have issues to deal with."

Former prime minister Mário Soares has been to see his fellow socialist in jail and commented today that Sócrates is the victim of "a campaign that is a disgrace" adding that the detention was political.
In response, the president of the Association of Prosecutors commented that Soares’ remark was "absolutely regrettable" and "a disgrace to the country."

"The statements from Mário Soares are absolutely deplorable, are unworthy of a former President of the Republic," said Rui Cardoso as he reacted to the Soares claims made as he left the prison where José Sócrates is in custody for suspicion of corruption, money laundering and tax fraud.

According to Soares, "everyone in this country believes in his (José Sócrates’) innocence" and that "all of the socialist party is against this case," rapidly adding that this case has "nothing to do with the socialists."

In the opinion of Soares, the case "has to do with the rogues who are after a man who was an exemplary prime minister."

Mário Soares said that Sócrates "is a man of dignity and worth and has not even been tried," adding that, "if he is judged, he will be acquitted."

The former prime minister is the first former head of government in the history of Portuguese democracy to be in custody.

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+2 #12 Joao Coelho 2014-11-30 07:13
Quoting mm:
it always amazes me how many socialists are so rich

That's because they are not socialists, neither is the socialist party. They were created by the Germans. Soares was born into the elites and never left them.
+1 #11 Joao Coelho 2014-11-30 07:07
Soares should do us all a favor and go away. I saw him on TV and he sounded like a demented old man ranting about. It would most interesting to see a study on corruption, why southern countries seem to suffer from this disease while northern countries do not. Greece had a democracy for almost 30 years of bickering and getting nothing accomplished, then a dictatorship then back to democracy and look at the country, it's a mess, i spoke to Greeks in the US who would tell me of government workers having two full time jobs, and splitting their time between jobs during the day.
0 #10 Joao Coelho 2014-11-30 06:59
Say what? No Santa?
0 #9 Joao Coelho 2014-11-30 06:58
Some people are too smart for their own good.
+5 #8 Michael. 2014-11-27 16:46
Ref : Karel and Hattons book.

Like all 'known' books about the Portuguese this one is also very weak about the 'secret things'. And without knowing what it is the Portuguese DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT (and there is a lot!) - you cannot get any idea of what is actually making them tick.

For example - crucially Hatton, like the standard guide book authors, makes no attempt to examine the teaching of history in Portugal and specifically about this countries history - as it teaches it to young Portuguese.

Without understanding that the Portuguese, like the Greeks, teach that they 'were' (and therefore still are) a master race - you cannot get near the trauma,anger and confusion they find themselves in today.

And that so much of what the Portuguese thought was theirs -the territories around the world, was 'cheated' or tugged away from them by the bigger European powers.

Which explains why they are such poor partners in the European Union !

Far too many 'Get to know the Portuguese' books just sat a Portuguese down over a coffee and chatted. Knowing nothing about the 'don't go there subjects' - so useless!
-2 #7 Karel 2014-11-27 09:25
8) Great part of the ANSWERS on the questions herunder can be found in theexplicite, fantastic and revealing book from Barry Hatton: "THE PORTUGESE" with subtitle "A revealing portrait of an inconspicious and fascinating country". And indeed it is, isn't it ?
+3 #6 Daniela 2014-11-27 09:07
How seriously can we take this new 'reform minded' Portugal when we learn that – up till September 2014 – there was only one judge directing any investigations at Departamento Central de Investigação e Ação Penal (DCIAP) of the Ministério Público ?

This chap now also in charge of Socrates case - Carlos Alexandre.

One judge, over the years, having to juggle …. Operação Furacão, BPN, Face Oculta, Remédio Santo, CTT, Freeport, Submarinos, Apito Dourado, Portucale, Monte Branco e Vistos Gold.


It is quite obvious that the Portuguese authorities were sitting on this for as long as possible. Without a clue how to 'come clean' as to do so strikes at the very roots of the state - as Mario Soares shows.

Before 2 major changes came along.

One is the need for a debt haircut - to reduce Portugal's impossible to pay national debt. Inconceivable without obvious serious intent to get a grip on lawlessness. Why reward the gangsters ?

Second is the ECB now able to cross reference historic large movements of cash across EU banks.
+5 #5 mm 2014-11-27 08:39
it always amazes me how many socialists are so rich
+3 #4 Peter Booker 2014-11-27 06:26
It can only be that Soares wishes publicly to associate himself with Sócrates in order to use his own reputation to reduce the suspicion on Sócrates. But of course the danger is that this public association will not raise the reputation of Sócrates in the eyes of the public, but will instead reduce that of Soares.

So we are still wondering how Sócrates made all these millions, and we are now forced also to ask why Soares seeks to protect him. As Ana says, where did Soares find his money?
+5 #3 Mr John 2014-11-26 23:19
You aren't put in jail for no good reason, the Police would have hard facts to justify their actions, Mr Soares, the people aren't stupid, they have known for decades of the pilfering from the public purse and why we pay such high taxes so put them all in jail.

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