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Sócrates - 'these charges are absurd, unjust and unfounded'

justiceIn his first statement since his arrest and subsequent detention, former Portuguse prime minister José Sócrates has said that he has been deliberately humiliated and that the allegations against him are absurd.

"I have no doubt that this case also has political overtones," reads a letter issued via his lawyer, João Araújo.

Yesterday’s visit to Evora jail by former president of the Republic, Mario Soares, ended with some choice quotes including claims that the arrest and detention of his fellow socialist was a political act.

Sócrates letter also attempts to distance his current situation from the socialist party which he admits is in danger of becoming tainted by the allegations of his criminal activity.

In the statement, Sócrates is not pleased with the justice system or the press, "my detention for questioning was an abuse and the spectacle mounted around it an infamy; the charges directed against me are absurd, unjust and unfounded; the decision to put me in custody is unjustified and was just for humiliation."

Sócrates promises to act to defend himself and to deny the lies that abound, blaming those who have been publicising recent events, (the press,) of violating judicial secrecy.

The Economy Minister, António Pires de Lima, today apparently quite sober, would not be drawn into the debate on Sócrates’ detention, considering that recent events should not be used as a weapon in the political fight.

While admitting that he ‘had his differences’ with the former PM, Pires de Lima today resisted kicking a man when he is down, rising with a superior air above the grubby debate and by doing so making it quite clear that he is delighted the way things have turned out.  

Asked about the recent spate of damaging scandals that has rocked the coalition, Pires de Lima said that this is not a problem unique to Portugal and as developed democracies work towards justice, these things happen.

He was asked by cheeky hacks to comment on the current corruption probes into Golden Visas, the arrest of Socrates, and the BES case but remained aloof, allying himself to his imaginary group of senior figures that have a clear conscience and are working to raise Portugal from decades of systemic corruption.

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+1 #1 Martin Jones 2014-11-28 19:33
as developed democracies work towards justice, these things happen ...

there is this absurd notion in Portugal that "We Portuguese are a developed country."

Yet absolutely everything they do and say points in exactly the opposite direction. As in developing. And not at all quickly.

The constant Corruption. Fraud. Trafficking in influence. Misuse of Public Funds.etc etc

And there is no golden period that the Portuguese can look back on nostalgically and say 'If only we could have those days again'. When everyone was equal. Everybody behaved except for criminals - who were punished etc

Remember that no political party in Portugal is older than 40 years ! There is no history of the elite asking the peasants for anything except to do the work in front of them until they die. This year we have had a 40th anniversary - the Communists ? . PS and PSD being younger.

But again these labels are entirely meaningless. None could be put in charge of a bicycle. Far less get a fish onto the bicycle and keep it on as it pedalled along.

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